Every church has a beginning that is meaningful to the members of the congregation, so does Nazareth.  On March 4, 1936, eighteen servants of God met at the home of the late Reverend W. B. Biggins with meekness of heart, and in song and prayer.  After several meetings, the group organized and named the Church “Nazareth” on March 25, 1936.  Reverend Biggins was a lover of people, a good organizer and a dynamic minister.  He led the congregation to the corner of 19th Street and 9th Avenue which was selected as the church’s site.  Reverend Biggins died in 1941.

Under the guidance of Deacon Johnnie Mahone, who was Chairman of the Board of Deacons, we were prayerfully led in the right direction.  Reverend C.C. Russell was called as our pastor on April 24, 1942.  Under his leadership the mission work was expanded, a Senior and Young Adult Choir were enlarged, new pews were bought and a bell tower was erected.  He held weekly bible classes.

1962 – 1966
The church on the corner of 19th Street and 9th Avenue had to be moved.  Under the guidance of Deacon Clifford Marshall, we purchased the present site.  In 1966, because of ill health Reverend Russell retired after twenty-four years of service.

Reverend Robert L. Holston was called as pastor of Nazareth in February, 1967.  He has proven himself to be one of God’s chosen people.  Within a few months after his calling, the mortgage was burned.  The church grew spiritually, numerically and financially.  Under his capable leadership and administrative skills, he revitalized the Church, not only the physical site, but with many projects which have benefited the entire community.

1976 - 1983
Recognizing the need for the church’s expanding role in the community, our sanctuary was expanded in 1976 with educational facilities valued at over $125,000. The 8:00 a.m. “Come as you are” Worship Service began in June, 1980, at which the attendance grew to exceed that of the 11:00 a.m. Worship Service.  Many ministries were organized and established during this period.

1983 - 1984
The Christian Education Department was organized in 1983 with Sister Laura Kirkland being elected as its Director.  Under her direction, the church sponsored many fruitful seminars and workshops for the spiritual and educational growth of the church family.  Sister Kirkland served as director until January 2004 when Deacon Andrew McBride was elected.  The church achieved many accomplishments during this period:  mortgage burning finalized, office equipment, air conditioning, organ, piano and the intercommunication system purchased.  He organized the following:  Youth Department, Brotherhood, Matrons, Young Adult and Early Morning Choir, the Male Chorus, Sunbeam Choir, Church-wide bible study class, and an efficient administrative staff.

1985 – 1989
The First Sunday in March, 1985 was a blessed day for the Nazareth Church Family.  It was on this day, our church became a full-time operation to further promote the growth of the Kingdom.  Recognizing the need for the church grounds to be beautified, on October 4, 1987 the Early Morning Choir under the leadership of Sister Lila Star dedicated a lighted water fountain on the side of the church.   The Senior Usher Board under the leadership of Sister Arlean McBride installed the stained glass windows in the church in June of 1987.  In February 1989 we held the mortgage burning ceremony for the new additions.  This was the second such ceremony under Pastor Holston’s leadership and included the burning of the mortgages on the land across the street and the property next door.

1991 – 2001
In October, 1991, the church agreed to have the land across the street paved, marked and bumpers placed.  This project was completed in 1992.  We revived our BTU/NBC in 1992 and Reverend Charles Dixon was elected as director.  We began New Members Orientation Class and graduated the first class of 17 new members in March, 1993.  On September 17, 1995, the church fellowship hall was dedicated to the late Reverend W. B. Biggins and the late Reverend C. C. Russell, and named it the “Biggins/Russell Fellowship Hall.” The Scouting program was initiated at Nazareth with the chartering of Cub Scout Pack 362 of Nazareth Baptist Church in June, 2001.  In 2001 we also acquired the land surrounding the church to include that remaining on Radcliff Avenue to Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard to Chesterfield Avenue, including the building on this land.

2003 – 2006
In 2004 the church acquired the property adjacent to the church and provided a locked cover for our vehicles.  In 2006, we discontinued our “Come as you are” 7:45 worship service and our breakfast on Sunday mornings.  Morning worship service begins at 10:15 a.m. and Sunday school is at 8:30 a.m.  We combined our Church Ministries Anniversary celebrations to the week leading up to our Church Anniversary.
On December 31, 2006, Pastor Robert L. Holston was retired after almost 40 years of service and was given the honor of Pastor Emeritus.

2007 – 2010
On January 1, 2007, Dr. Harry L. McCall became our Interim Pastor and served until September 18, 2007.
On November 8, 2007, the church called Reverend Vincent L. Wilson, Sr. as pastor.  He was installed on March 30, 2008 as the fourth pastor of Nazareth Baptist Church.  Reverend Wilson served the church until May 10, 2009 when he resigned.  In May of 2009, one of Nazareth’s former sons, Reverend Brandon Isome, was appointed as Presiding Pastor.  Reverend Isome served in this capacity until July 25, 2010.  On September 16, 2010 he was selected as the fifth pastor of Nazareth Baptist Church.
We pray that the Lord will continue to guide us as we “Let God’s Ways Become our Ways Through Faith, Hope and Love.”


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