The Tribe of Moses and Aaron and also the tribe of Korach. The Tribe of Levi attended on the priests in the Temple. When the Israelites left Egypt, the ancient manner of worship was still observed by them, the eldest son of each house inheriting the priest's office. At Sinai the first change in this ancient practice was made. A hereditary priesthood in the family of Aaron was then instituted (Ex 28:1). But it was not till the scene with the sin of the golden calf that the tribe of Levi stood apart and began to occupy a distinct position (Ex. 32). The religious primogeniture was then conferred on this tribe, which was devoted to the service of the sanctuary (Num 3:11ff). They were selected for this purpose because of their zeal for the glory of God (Ex 32:26).

Tribe Servants

  • Deacon Henry Crawford
  • Deacon Willie Thomas, Sr.
  • Deacon Joseph Whiting

Tribe Servant Assistants

  • Sharon Crawford
  • Annie D. King
  • Mary Morgan
  • Dorothy Thomas
  • Chauncey Whiting

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