I. Audio/Video
II. Benevolent Committee
  • Sick & Condolence Committee
  • Food & Clothing Bank
  • Repast & Obituary Committee
III. Bulletin Board
IV. Bus
V. Christian Education
  • Parade Committee
  • Baptist Training Union
  • Education Committee
  • Sunday School
  • Church Handbook Committee
  • Oversight Committee
  • Vacation Bible School
  • Installation Committee
  • Education Assistance Committee
  • Teacher Guidelines Committee
  • Library Committee
  • New Members
VI.Church Maintenance
VII. Deacons
  • Youth Devotional Team
  • Junior Deacons
VIII. Deacons' Wives
IX. General Mission
  • Circle #1
  • Circle #2
  • Circle #2
  • LBC
  • Little Workers
  • Ethel Vance
  • Red Circle
  • Brotherhood
X. Kitchen
XI. Music
  • Combined Choir
  • Male Choir
  • United Choir
  • Youth Choir
  • Youg Adult Choir
XII. Pastor Relation Ministry
  • Pastor's Support Committe
XIV. Scouting
  • Boy Scouts
  • Cub Scouts
XV.  Ushers
  • Senior Ushers
  • Male Ushers
  • Junior Ushers
  • Health
  • Host & Hostess
XVI. Sports
XVII. United Christian Women
XVIII. Young Adult Ministry
XIX. Youth Ministry
  • Youth Mime
  • Youth Bible Study

BAPTIST TRAINING UNION - Baptist Training Union Ministry is to serve as one of the training tools of the church, to teach and interpret the Baptist Doctrine.

CHOIRS:  The purpose of the Choirs is to praise and glorify God by enhancing the worship experience through the singing of suitable songs and the playing of appropriate music for worship services.  It is our desire to minister to the lost and strengthen the saints.  We also provide for programs outside the church as suggested by the Pastor.
The Choirs and their Sunday to perform are listed below:
UNITED CHOIR ---------------------------------------1st Sunday                
YOUTH CHOIR----------------------------------------2nd Sunday
YOUNG ADULT CHOIR-----------------------------3rd Sunday
MALE CHORUS---------------------------------------4th Sunday
COMBINED CHOIR -----------------------------------5th Sunday

CHRISTIAN EDUCATION - To oversee and provide the necessary tools for a well rounded church education program.

SUNDAY SCHOOL - To teach the biblical revelation through a program that is departmentalized with classes for all ages.

USHER MINISTRIES:  The purpose of our ushers is to help the Pastor in making the service a success, by putting the congregation in the right frame of mind to receive the message.  We see to it that order is kept in and around the church at all times during the worship services. We are of service to the congregational members, visitors and leaders; before, during and after congregational services.   We also provide our services for programs outside the church as suggested by the Pastor.
The health ministry evaluates the nature of illnesses that occur during worship, and provides temporary medical assistance. Additional services include health screening programs and annual health fair.
Our Usher Ministry is divided as follows:

YOUTH MINISTRY - The Youth Ministries’ purpose is to nurture the youth of the congregation in Christian faith and discipleship through Christian practices of compassion, commitment and witnessing and biblical studies and training.

BUS – Bus Ministry’s purpose is to provide transportation for church supported events and to maintain the vehicles of the church.

BULLETIN BOARD – Bulletin Board Ministry’s purpose is to maintain the bulletin boards of the church with seasonal and spiritual messages of acknowledgement and encouragement.

BENEVOLENT - Benevolent Ministry’s purpose is to provide aid and assistance to members and non-members of the church through monetary, food, and clothing needs and to aid in local, state, national, and global disasters as able.

GENERAL MISSION - Our Mission is a united group of members working together reaching inward; nurturing our membership through mission study, education, fellowship and prayer.  We also reach outward through personal witnessing, evangelizing, visiting the sick and shut-in, helping the needy and less fortunate, and seeking justice and liberty for all in the name of our lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We promote the religious Mission and Education in the Missionary Program of the Baptist District, State, National, International and World-wide missions. 

In an attempt to provide services convenient for our membership, the General Mission is divided into territorial or local Circles.  All CIRCLES meet jointly once per month in the General Missionary Society.
They are as follows:

Other Ministries are:
SCOUTING – Scouting Ministry purpose is to provide opportunities for the development of Godly character, strong bodies, and a respect for duty to God, Country, and Family.

DEACONS - Deacons are servants who are set aside for the purpose of assisting the pastor in caring for the membership. This is done by visiting the sick and the bereaved, leading a fervent prayer life for the benefit of the church body, leading the devotional services, assisting with baptism, serving the Holy Communion, assisting members with needs or securing the appropriate resources to meet those needs.
Our Deacons Ministry is divided into the following Tribes:

AUDIO/VIDEO - The Media Ministry supplements the order of service by providing audio and video support to ensure that sound effects bring clarity to the worship experience.  The ministry includes a production room that is capable of reproducing audio and video tapes (audio cassette, CD, and DVD) of each Sunday worship service and most special programs. A competent staff of volunteers stands ready to assist members and speakers with setup of computers and LCD projectors to ensure optimum success of presentations. Also, special events may be recorded upon request.

UNITED CHRISIAN WOMEN - The United Christian Women is a sisterhood in which women of all ages gather for fellowship, comfort, healing, nurturing, discipleship training, witnessing, teaching, ministering, mentoring, and being heard.


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