pastor1Reverend Brandon Ralph Isome was born in Columbus, Georgia to the proud parents of Ralph and Vicki Isome on November 1, 1985. He was the first born of what was to be three children.  He is big brother or “Preacher” to his siblings, Courtney and Dandriell. 

Reverend Isome was a quiet child – unassuming – but very bright.  He accepted Christ at an early age and was educated in the Muscogee and Harris county school districts.  He graduated from Harris County High School and went on to play football at Troy State University in Troy Alabama.  Facing what was thought to be a fruitful college football career with the hopes of an NFL selection, God spoke and it was not to be.   Due to injury, Reverend Isome was unable to continue football.  Not having given much thought to what his purpose in life was, Reverend Isome went into deep meditation; seeking the will of God.  He spent countless days with his Pastor and mentor, Reverend Robert L. Holston.  Later in his days of meditation, he was favored and mentored by Reverend Dr. Harry McCall and Reverend H. Randy Stephens II. After much meditation and prayer, he accepted the call to serve in 2006.

Being the astute believer that he was, he recognized the need for formal preparation to complete this new found task assigned by God – to preach and pastor.  He enrolled in and moved on the fast track at the American Baptist College in Tennessee.  He would visit on occasions and would share that the word of God was his passion and pastoring was his call.  He picked up on Baptist hymns at an early age listening to his grandmother whose wisdom he shares in some of his sermons; but singing was not to be his passion – his passion was to be teaching, preaching, and pastoral leadership for the children of God so that they may show themselves approved.

Reverend Isome was called to serve as the Presiding Pastor at the Nazareth Baptist Church in May 2009.  After teaching, preaching, and caring for the membership, Reverend Isome was called to serve as the 5th Pastor of the Nazareth Baptist Church on September 16, 2010.

Since his calling, Reverend Isome has taught at various Mt Calvary Association and GMBC Conventions and/or Congresses.

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